“What do you do with all those beautiful pieces that get lost in your wardrobe?

Due to a influx of stock we are only taking in big named brands & only accept items in very good condition

Redcued Commission Fee's on Luxury Designer Items:

55% customer payout on all items sold up to £1,000

£1,001 - £2,000: 65% Customer Payout

£2,001 - £5,000: 70% Customer Payout

£5,001 upwards to be discussed

Why not send to us and we will sell them for you? Send your item, we will review the quality and agree a price based on the brand and market value.Once your item has been reviewed by our team, we will photograph, detail and promote on our website and in our Henley-on-Thames store.
Feel free to email us at info@valsecollection.com or whats app mackenzie on 07715992954"